Weddings are stressful days and the photographer only has one chance to get the wedding photographs right. If the wedding photographer fails to get it right, he might as well move away or get a different job, because his reputation will be ruined for miles around. however, thereĀ  are several things you can do to minimise the risks of being disappointed.

Beautiful Wedding Photographs

There is a downside to following these tips for great wedding photographs and that is cost. If you choose a photographer who matches the following criteria, he or she will have spent a lot of time and money and will expect a decent return on that investment. However, if good wedding photographs are important to you, then a bit extra on pictures of that special day in your life will not be money wasted.

The first thing to check is the photographer’s equipment. Ask him what he intends to use at your wedding. There are no film cameras any more and a digital camera can take hundreds, if not thousands of photos on a flash memory card, but cameras can break down, so you will want him to take at least two digital cameras.

Digital cameras need batteries, so I would want to see that he has a supply of dozens of batteries too. Will you own the flash cards, or will their contents be put on CD or DVD for you. I would want one flash drive for the ceremony and one for the reception and one for candid shots during the evening, if it is separate and several CD sets to give away.

Ask whether he will have an assistant shooting too. Someone who can be loading batteries and setting up the tripod. That person could also be filming the ceremony and reception on video too. In this way, you will have stills and video and if the cameraman has an accident the assistant is there to take over. It is belt and braces, but if you have a backup plan, you will get your beautiful wedding photographs at a cost.

Ask to see some of the photographer’s previous work with weddings. It is the bread and butter for many professional photographers, so if he has very little to show you or you don’t like what you see, maybe he does not have many years of experience or has been shunned by the local community for doing a bad job recently. Ask questions about recent appointments. Ask to see his website or Facebook page.

An aspect of wedding photography that can be important is the nationality or the religion of the couple getting married. Is the photographer of the same faith? It is not necessary, but if he is Christian and the ceremony is Buddhist, will he know what to expect and when? Might he be caught off guard and be in the wrong spot to capture an important moment? It is worth thinking about.

You will doubtless have friends who have been through the same experience, so it would be wise to consult them, but if you are new to the area, where you are getting married, you could ask the priest, vicar or monk who will be officiating for a few suggestions of best wedding photographers.