You will find plenty of information on promotional wall calendars on this website. We have tried hard to present you with only the very best promotional wall calendars and the best suppliers too.

Promotional Wall Calendars

You will find a select range of suppliers of promotional wall calendars here and enough information on promotional wall calendars to meet your needs and help you make up your mind which the right ones for you are.

Calendars can be bought in so many styles these days. There are the traditional annual or year wall calendars, but they were, and still are, quite plain, picture calendars, large promotional wall calendars, fund raising promotional wall calendars, custom photo calendars and you can even design your own calendar online if you wish.

Promotional wall calendars can be a real work of art in themselves or they could be like most standard promotional wall calendars you get from your bank or building society – very plain.

However, many printers offer numerous choices and allow you to choose from professional photos and illustrations or use your own material.

This flexibility means that every business can create or pick ‘off the shelf’ a range of promotional wall calendars that relate to their business and their customers in some meaningful way.

For example, a builder might choose a promotional calendar with photos of beautiful houses or previous jobs. A photographer might choose to show some of his past work or he might team up with the builder and then both firms would twice the advertising for their money.

There is nothing wrong with doing joint ventures, if the companies are not competitors. The opportunities for advertising quite cheaply are boundless when it comes to promotional wall calendars.

It is quite plain that promotional wall calendars can help any form of business. In fact, banks and building societies choose to advertise in this way and they are not what you would call small companies.

Chinese restaurants have been giving away promotional wall calendars for decades, because they know that when you want a restaurant’s number, theirs will be on your kitchen wall.

It is a fact that most people enjoy beautiful photos and illustrations and if they come free with useful information all well and good. Some promotional wall calendars even achieve international fame and become sought-after collectors’ items trading for lots of money.

Think of the Pirelli promotional wall calendars of beautiful models in their bikinis. I would not be surprised to hear that those models posed free, just to get their names in front of millions of people. Another joint venture idea, perhaps?

Although you can use your mobile phone, your computer or even your watch to read the date calendars allow you to make notes on them and therefore plan and promotional wall calendars in business’ office will be consulted several times every day. Could you say the same about any other form of advertising?

Promotional wall calendars can use any theme you like or have inspirational messages and motivational quotations. They can champion a cause such as protecting the environment or saving whales. They could speak directly to a niche audience such as gardeners or coin collectors.

However, apart from grabbing your plot of real estate on potential clients’ office walls, promotional wall calendars can brighten up the atmosphere in those offices by showing natural scenes, which will help relieve stress.

In this way your promotional wall calendars can be a source of joy, motivation and goodwill every day of the year.